Helpful Hints

These will help if you are just starting to write your masterpiece. If you have it finished already – don’t try to change it!
I can remove the unneeded things quicker than you can. 🙂

To show a scene change, the most common way is to separate the two lines with three or three asterisks. For example:

… and then we went to bed.
The next morning came early …

When I format, I will centre the asterisks and add extra space before and after them. You do not want any blank lines (what the publishers call “blank paragraphs”.)

What to send me

  1. Your edited book in MS Word format. (.doc or .docx). Make sure the document includes:
    • your front stuff. The front stuff is most often already part of the document.
    • your end stuff. The end stuff is most often already part of the document.
    • any dedications and or acknowledgements. These all are most often all in one document – you do not have to send four separate files
  2. For eBooks – You will be uploading the cover directly to the vendor sites, just as you will be adding the ePub.
  3. For Print books – I need the trim size that you prefer! The Trim Size is the outside dimensions of the book. 6×9, 5.5×8.5 etc.
    Once the book is formatted I will tell you the page count for your cover designer.
  4. Any special requests.

Please remember, I cannot format your work until I have all of the parts.