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Formatting your document for fast, easy, eBook and POD publishing.

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Fast, professional eBook and POD formatting, priced with the indie author in mind. I can format your manuscript for:

Formatting for the rest of us. Fast, affordable and precise.

I will provide you a .doc, a .mobi an .epub or a .pdf, along with the correctly sized .jpg for the cover. Turn around time depends upon the number of books I am doing that day. Yes, that day. Some books are even back to you in less than 24 hours.

Here is my current schedule (updated as often as I can.)

Not Available at All!
On the boat - will work when I have email

Please Note - even if the day is "RED", if I have email, I will respond.
It is summer time and we are probably on the boat, but "rain days" happen.

I update this as frequently as I can but please allow for last minute discrepancies.

It is Summer Time = Boat Time = spotty wifi


July 6 7 ..8 ..9 Mystery 10... 11 12
July 13 14 ...15 ...16 17 ... 18 19
July 20 21 ...22 ...23 24 ... 25 26
July 27 28 ...29 ...30 August 1 2
August 3 4 ...5 ...6 7 ... 8 9
August 10 11 ...12 ...13 14 ... 15 16
August 17 18 ...19 ...20 21 ... 22 23
August 24 25 ...26 ...27 28 ... 29 30
August 31 Sept 1 2 3 4 5 6 Magic
September 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Magic
September 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Magic

That said, so that you are not disappointed there are factors to be aware of:

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All work guaranteed!
You pay nothing until you are satisfied.
The finished price for formatting most books is often less than $75.00 per book!

I accept:



These will help if you are just starting to write your masterpiece. If you have it finished already - don't try to change it! I can remove the "offending" things quicker than you can. :)


Copy editing is 0.75 a page. A page is 12 point, NTR, 8.5 x 11 inches.

Compare pricing here:

Covers: I will, of course, check your cover to ensure it is formatted for SmashWords, Kindle, Kobo . They now require 1400 pixels wide x 2000 pixels tall at least 100 dpi.

What to send me

  1. Your edited book:

  2. Your cover (.jpg At lease 1400 pixels wide x 2000 pixels tall or larger and at least 100 dpi).
  3. Any special requests.

I cannot format your work until I have all of the parts.


Check list:

This is just a little check list to make sure you have sent me everything I need - as soon as I get it all I can start.

Downloadable Check List - this is important!

To see some of the books I have formatted, please look here: eBook Formatting by Rik

Research, Editing and Consulting

Research, editing and consulting are done at the same rates. And yes, I only bill actual hours spent.

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