• Work done is at $45.00 US an hour. I will give a free “best guess” on the number of hours when you submit the files to me.
  • Most books for pure formatting (no editing, no spell checking etc.) take between an hour and an hour and a half. You pay only for the time it takes me.
  • Prices are in US dollars.
  • Things that take longer and hence cost you more are:
    • special formatting for poems, scripts and font changes
    • special formatting for non-fiction
    • using a large number of graphics
    • special formatting for Print books
    • books with large number of chapters
    • changes you want to make to your text after it has been formatted. When you look at the proof copy I send you, any formatting changes are quick and easy, any editing changes take longer. Please make sure you send me your best, cleanest copy.
    • The money comes to me after you are happy. Not before.
    • For long projects I bill about every three hours.

All work guaranteed!

The finished price for formatting most clean, ready books is often less than $75.00 per book for multiple eFile types (.mobi and .epub)! And usually less than $150.00 for .mobi, .epub and properly formatted PDF for Print on Demand places, such as CreateSpace.


  • I accept PayPal. I can bill via a PayPal invoice if you like. (You don’t need to belong to PayPal. You can use a regular credit or debit card with them too. Just let me know)
  • The money comes to me after you are happy. Not before.

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