Novel Proposal Evaluation

Novel Proposal Evaluation (by Linda Hall)

  • Do you wonder if your novel will make it to an agent’s or editor’s desk?
  • Do you wonder if your piece of fiction is “good enough” for publication?
  • Have you begun a novel, you’re in the middle, and are getting cold feet?
  • Do you wonder if anyone will read your self-published book?
  • Would you like an impartial critique before you invest a lot more time and effort into finishing it?

I can provide a Professional Evaluation of the first chapters of your novel, (up to 7,000 words) and of your synopsis (up to 1,500 words).
I will evaluate the proposal in two ways:

The Big Picture

  • Is your idea one that would translate well into a full length novel?
  • Are there discrepancies in your novel and synopsis in terms of character type, etc. (for instance, would that frightened young woman really venture into her darkened basement when she hears a noise?)
  • Does the synopsis make sense and is it readable? (Agents and editors routinely say that their ‘eyes glaze over’ when reading a lot of synopses. Therefore, your synopsis must be bright, clear and engrossing.)
  • What makes the reader want to turn the pages in your novel?

“Zoom in” Picture

  • Is your voice unique?
  • Are there paragraph, page and chapter hooks in your sample chapters?
  • Do you have a grasp of basic grammar, punctuation and spelling?

What you can expect from me:

  • Your manuscript returned to you via email with track changes in red in MS Word format.
  • A personal letter in which I will outline ways to improve.
  • Recommendations of various craft books, websites and blogs which will fit your particular situations.

My credentials:

  • Eighteen traditionally published novels.
  • Short stories published in four anthologies.
  • Five indie published short stories.
  • Three new indie published novels.
  • Fifteen years as instructor and tutor with the Longridge Writers Group, critiquing manuscripts, synopses, and first chapters.
  • Judge for more than a dozen writing contests.
  • Keynote speaker and workshop presenter at numerous international writing conferences
  • One-on-one feedback at writers conferences.


  • $99 payable via PayPal only. $50.00 up front and the rest payable upon your receipt of files.
  • (You don’t need to belong to PayPal. You can use a regular credit or debit card with them too.)

Contact me (Linda Hall):