Things I need to do the job:

  • Here are some samples
    • Copyright Page (if you have anything out of the ordinary) – Example
    • Dedication: – Example
    • Your “End Stuff” included in the document – the stuff that comes after the story ends.
    • About the Author – Example
      (An author picture if you like)
    • Other works by the author – Example
    • Where to connect with the author – Example
  • The text of your book (This will be in an MS Word .doc or .docx format. Other formats by prior agreement only)
  • Maybe a chapter from the next book.

Here is what I do:

  1. I take your MS Word document
  2. I copy it and paste it into a plain text (.txt ) file (This is called “nuking it” and gets rid of almost all of the weird stuff MS Word adds to their documents.)
  3. I save the text file and then open a new template that I make for Kindle (or for Kobo or B&N or Smashwords etc. whichever format we are doing first.).
  4. I copy the nuked version into the template
  5. I reformat all the bolds and italics that you had and as well as set the look and feel to match what I think you want using eBook friendly Styles
  6. I take out all the Tabs
  7. I take out all of the extra spaces before and after each paragraph
  8. I then produce a .mobi
  9. Then I send you the appropriate files to you so you can proof them and when ready you can upload them.